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Harrison AR Youtube video sparks controversy

Jul 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Latest

A video that was posted on Youtube that appears to have Mayor Jeff  Crockett  supporting segregation, after a picture of the gallows at the courthouse is shown, is causing quite the controversy.

We know that our Carpetbaggin’ Crockett is a fan of diversity, so this must be quite horrendous to him. In light of the news networks splicing together the 911 call in the Zimmerman case, and again splicing the comments of one of the jurors to make it appear to be the opposite of what was actually said, we find it amusing that the tables were turned on this type of ideology.

Here is the video so you can make your own judgment: Did Crockett turn a new leaf, or is he being mocked?

UPDATE: Youtube removed the video due to a copyright complaint by Jeff Crockett. We contacted the original poster of this video, and he has graciously sent us a copy of the video. Since this falls under Fair Use and 1st Amendment , we have published the video here.

Harrison Arkansas. The last WHITE hope

We have also included the screen shot of the message now on Youtube.  Carpetbaggin’  Crockett sure seems to be upset, but we would like to point out that his comment in the video is actually his own words, and in that order…they weren’t changed around to make it say something he didn’t say, unlike other media has done.

The Whine

The Whine

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